Surviving uni, and maybe just a little more than that (‘:


Mental note: dont bother trying so hard anymore

Directly, or indirectly, everything we write is for someone.
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3 weeks and 2 days have passed since the official start of school, 2 weeks if you don’t count Orientation and YES I AM STILL NOT USED TO THIS

Tis the start of week 4 and the only reason why I am counting is because I feel like setting a timeline would help me keep my uni life on track amidst all the other commitments like hall activities, family, friends, church and personal space. Nevertheless, I am quite thankful for the people I’ve met in school since Day 1, and with each day that passes I have been increasingly reassured that this is where God wants me to be (for this season of my life at least). The closest I’ve gotten to taking myself out on a date would be today’s cereal + muesli bar + fruit run on the way back from driving - of which I will proceed to write about in a bit - and this is so telling of how much uni has sucked the life out of me. In the midst of trying to reconnect with myself by listening to lots and lots of Coldplay, Death Cab while downloading all the Kygo remixes I can find to fill in the quiet spaces of my room while I scramble to finish my tutorial assignments the night before class.

The weekend kicked off pretty well with my church’s Open House and I was pretty excited to get my face painted, and instead of going with my usual requests of a tiny giraffe or subtle geometric pattern of some sort, I decided to go nuts with colours - Kezia did such an amazing job despite my ridiculous demands with how the stripes should be aligned *whoops*

Spent the rest of my time at the Open House eating (what’s new), and giving out water to the visitors and volunteers at the event! Managed to catch up a little with Dennicce before she ran off for a lunch meeting - where I asked her for a major favour in searching for interviewees for a Biz Comms research project on how businesses use social media, and she hooked me up with a couple of her friends almost immediately WHOOPPEEEE \o/ Met up with Jo and Ervin for a while in the middle of their security duty, and that was a nice break from giving out bottles all day!

Had a pretty awesome time bonding with my mom during the last half an hour or so of the Open House over tea, Photo Booth and bitching sessions with my godma. Suggested that we go for Mexican with my Dad at Holland V for dinner because I was craving tacos so badly and I know that my dad loves Mexican ( : t’was a very very good dinner + Corona fix (you just can’t have Mexican without Corona)

Met G for suppz at Holland, which was essentially even more beer (yay). Talked and chilled for really long before heading back to hall to meet Ethel and then joined the other Touch Rug captains at the rooftop till about 130.

Had a really tough time waking up the next morning to go for touch, but thank God for 1. JPark’s car and 2. Mackers. Went over to SRC for an insane morning of touch, where I played middle/link for all the games without subs, and it was a big slap in the face at how unfit I was and how much I suck playing touch hahaha ha haha ha ha ha. Felt so horrible because I was so tired and couldn’t run fast enough to save myself/the team, but I’m proud of us that we managed to pull through and get 3rd place???? NUUBAD at all. Xenia was such a goddess on the field and I swear all our matches would’ve crumbled terribly without her THANK U JESUS.

Some of us decided to head to UTown’s swimming pool after lunch where we just waddled around/stared at Clara’s abs/played underwater telephone and laughed till the rest of us without abs could potentially have formed abs, and left to go back to hall/home. Totally crashed from 8pm all the way till Monday morning because I was so exhausted and could barely move from the insane muscle aches.

Spent Monday doing up post-its for 6 different people - Jumping Josh, Joseph, Joel, Cheryl, Charlene and Janielle – the idea stemmed from the D block cell group’s discussion on post-its over whatsapp so I decided to pull out my new post-it pads and do up their doors a little. Shall continue to put up more encouraging notes in the days to come (-: it is so so fulfilling to see their happy texts/faces after they find the post-its on their doors ( :

Kygo remixes are so addictive - especially the “I See Fire” and “Electric Feel” ones

Sprained my thumb during the first basketball match yesterday and it swelled so freaking badly that I couldn’t play and I’m still having a lot of difficulty writing now because it still hurts )-“: sobbles, I hope it heals soon!!!

Had a really cool mini jamming/worship practice session today after class with Joe in prep for tomorrow’s cell group praise & worship. Still feeling pretty nervous about it and I’m so afraid that I’ll miss the beat/go off key, but I’m going to trust in God that if He called me to help lead this coming session, He will stay by my side all the way and He would not let me down (-: ANYWAY as long as our worship is pleasing to Him, our voices don’t matter anymore so yay!

Got mega mighty lost at Bartley/Eunos today on the way to driving because I took the wrong bus/missed the bus stop and had to walk for about 15 mins all the way back to the driving centre )———: was so upset at myself, but then again it was a new route and I learnt my lesson so it’s alright.

I AM HONESTLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THE REST OF THE WEEK YAYYYYY — more post-its, supporting my friends at track tomorrow (thank God I wouldn’t be running). cell group, drinks with Kumar on friday and more time with my family over the weekend (‘:

Jesus you got me, you got this