Your name hurts.
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Recess / Week

T’was a very painful weekend, finding out so many things about life that I didn’t think I was ready to hear/see like:

my current CG situation – very very devastating and disappointing; I can’t believe after all these years together we are actually going through this. It is so so hard to look at the bright side of things when….the fact that people are leaving/have left makes me continually doubt my role as a leader in the past 2 or 3 years. Even though it is not exactly my fault or Nick’s per se, I really can’t help but feel so shitty - that I’ve not done a good enough job

that I have failed as a leader

and maybe someone else would’ve done a better job

maybe all of this is part of the many transitions in life but I am quite sick and done with transitions / why can’t things just settle for a little longer

I don’t even know how to face up to this, how to move on from here


Decided to open up to my parents about my present feelings toward uni over family dinner on Sunday and (I know this is horrible of me to say this but) I wish I had more supportive parents/parents who genuinely care about my happiness/different parents, essentially

Told my dad that I’m really keen on applying for a transfer early next year (to UK again of course) and he said okay, since I’m so miserable studying Biz )””””: sobbles, again

What hurt me most was the fact that my mom still remained stubborn and refused to let me continue with that decision??? SO MUCH FOR MAKING A DEAL WITH ME A FEW MONTHS AGO WHAT THE HECK

giving up on that thought, gradually I suppose


Thank God for friends who let me take night drives in their car - to supper, from siglap to NUS (debut on the highway b1tch3z), and supper again - for extra practice & to boost my confidence before my TP on friday!!! So yay that was thoroughly enjoyable

Saw my baby’s tweet about being hungry & not being able to sleep, so I decided to walk over to her room with cereal and milk in hand, for a mega impromptu cereal party (‘:

Nights like these really make my life


Sports trials and comms results this week - don’t really know what to expect, but Imma take this week one day at a time, and at least get my shit together to finish my projects and not burn out from the intense travelling and packed organiser/lack of personal time GAH


A gentle reminder that your heart is a
muscle and so should be exercised regularly,
love often and love deeply.

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